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The International Federation of Red Cross

In order to effectively respond to, and prepare for, emergencies, it’s essential to learn from the past. Together, we automated the process of extracting learnings from disasters with the help of natural language processing (NLP). Based on this, appropriate measures could be taken to support the local Red Cross, proving the humanitarian impact of having quick access to valuable findings

“It was not about reporting, but rather about the humanitarian impact of having quick access to valuable findings and lessons that allow evidence-based decision making and increased quality of our operations.”

Marco Vargas
DREF Capacity Strengthening Delegate

Kongsberg Digital (KDI)

We highly recommend Amesto NextBridge for their exceptional work on our project. They were tasked with the challenge of building a brand-new enterprise data platform within a tight deadline and they exceeded our expectations. Their human resource expertise allowed them to assemble a balanced BI team, which I informally refer as the "Avengers". Working with them was a great experience and their BI expertise is truly noteworthy.  

David Molina
Business Intelligence Manager

Kristiania University College

Amesto NextBridge worked together with us to explore the potentials of better use of information systems, with a particular focus on AI & Machine Learning, in order to scale and enhance the quality of fact-checking at I am very pleased with their delivery, which both contributes to research into long term opportunities for improved fact-checking, as well as pointing to pragmatic quick wins to be realised at reasonable cost and effort. Without hesitation, I am happy to recommend Emilie Lundblad and the Amesto Next Bridge Team to businesses that look for innovative use of the most recent AI-tools. 

Dr. Nils Arne Bakke,
Professor Digital Economics & Technology Management