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We're not Yoda, but we have 600 years of experience in making technology play your game.

What we do

Better decisions, new opportunities.

Making the right decisions requires the right insight, based on facts, not just gut feelings. You often possess more data than you think, but without the right tools, it is elusive and not very useful. However, it is possible to extract meaning, patterns, and connections from this data. This is data-based insight and lets you make far better and informed decisions.

It comes down to simplifying business, from sales and marketing to finance and accounting. Our Data Scientists collect, interpret, and analyze data, presented in visual reports. You’ll make better decisions, but you could also uncover new business opportunities.

What we do

Projects from A to Z or expert for hire. You choose.

AI Projects

We strongly believe in solving business challenges using data as the key ingredient, covering anything from simple analysis to deep learning projects. This method is proven time and time again. In your daily work there are many techniques that can help you grow your business, reduce costs, and add valuable insights:
  •  NLP and text analysis
  • Prediction, optimization and anomaly detection 
  • Churn analysis and customer insights
  • Image and video analysis
  • Data Scientist for hire

If you ever have the need to augment your team or add machine learning capacity you could always just hire a Data Scientist. The people of NextBridge are our most valuable assets, bringing experience from a wide range of AI projects, that could very well benefit initiatives you are already working on. We would love to work alongside of your team, bringing our PhD-level consultants and a hefty dose of curiosity. Governance All projects and solutions need governance and sustainable operation. This also applies to AI. You need to ensure that the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) aligns with ethical and social values, and that it is used in a fair, transparent, and accountable manner.

Fortunately, we can help you with:

  • Successful deployment and machine learning operations (MLOps)
  • AI Due Diligence to review and validate any given AI solution
  • Governance, risk and compliance related to data and AI solutions
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AI and BI prestudies and strategy. It’s all about being more data-driven and making insight from data. The starting point is a structured approach to the what, the why and the how. We have done more than 20 prestudies and strategies to help our customers build a clear vision of their data-driven future. We have solid use cases and a roadmap of how to get there.


Data & Insights Platforms. Do you want to modernize or build new cloud-based platforms to gain insights from data, and to enable innovation through data? We have the know-how, expertise, and curiosity to see your projects through modernization, new development, or anything in between. We build modern, scalable, and sustainable data & insights platforms for storing, processing, and exposing data for analytics and insights for the whole organization.

What you need is not necessarily what you think, or even know about. Want to find out?

We are

Amesto NextBridge provides cutting edge AI and BI solutions and delivers data-based insight. We tackle very tangible business challenges, using bright minds and fresh technology, focusing on the future.

Bright minds

Without bright minds even the best technology is not that useful. We innovate to create something new and better – our greatest competitive advantage. The right tools allow imagination to happen.


We are 40+ experts, 15 of them are Dr. experts. Our collective experience spans more than 600 years. Think we might know a thing or two? Let’s tell you how we can improve your business.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Tell us about your business, and perhaps we can tell you something about your business too.