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2. Feb

Understand how to use ChatGPT to increase speed of work.

This article was quickly written using a combination of humans and ChatGPT. Want to know how ChatGPT can improve and speed up your work? Read on! ChatGPT is here to stay, so how do you utilise it best possible for your work & company? How can it be...

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5. Jan

Tech trends for 2023

As we enter the year 2023, it is clear that technology is continuing to advance at an unprecedented rate. From the emergence of the metaverse to the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence, there are numerous emerging technology trends that...

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21. Sep

Anatomy of a project: Problem solving using NLP for the Red Cross


The best projects are when you can use state-of-the-art AI to solve challenging problems and help make the world a better place by doing so! We’re going to describe one such project today and are hoping to take you briefly through our...

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22. Aug

How to add value with AI

Although most major businesses today have started using AI, many are still struggling to get the expected value from the AI-solutions. The main problems are usually:1. Not a clear picture of how AI should contribute to the business and create real...

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23. Jun

Opening the black box: Explainable AI

An increasing dependency of complicated insight models to guide us through everyday business decisions raise interesting dilemmas. Complex AI models can perform tasks, but with machine learning compromises are often made between how the model...

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3. Dec

Innovasjon, bærekraft og læring

Jeg digger når brikkene bare faller på plass, og det store puslespillet, som livet unektelig er, viser seg å gi mening. Det er ikke alltid sånn. Ganske sjelden, når sant skal sies. Under pandemien har brikkene simpelthen nektet å passe inn i...

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15. Oct

Kunstig intelligens kan faktisk gjøre dine kunder mer fornøyde

Kunstig intelligens og maskinlæring er i ferd med å endre våre forhold til produkter og tjenester. Tiden er forbi for hvor reklame og massemarkedsføring er de viktigste virkemidlene for å få lojale og fornøyde kunder. Selv om massemarkedsføring...

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8. Apr

Hvordan komme i gang med maskinlæring og kunstig intelligens.

Det er lettere enn du aner å komme i gang med maskinlæring og kunstig intelligens. Det vanskeligste er å bestemme seg for å begynne. Vi sitter selv med nøkkelen til å utvikle nye produkter og tjenester for å utnytte ny teknologi. Det er ikke...

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24. Mar

Using Keras in R – Simpler than Ever

Keras entered the Python world in 2015, and really propelled and sustained the use of Python for neural networks and more general machine learning. R, however, did not take long to catch up, with the R Keras package released in 2017. This package...

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21. Nov

Verden i 2029

I 2029 har du verken bil, jobb eller stort hus. Men verden har heller ikke fattigdom, miljøproblemer og sult. Velkommen til en nær, men svært annerledes fremtid.

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